A Spiritual Journey

Three summer excursions this year to Sedona -Taos – Santa Fe provided inspiration for a new body of work and spiritual renewal. Started by re-purposing a piece of re-purposed wood and thus brought new life to a dead and lifeless discarded entity. Rehabilitation of life and the cycle of renewal continued in the back of my mind.

The dead wood was reborn, not as part of a truss system in a building or bridge, but used as media for a new suite of work entitled “A Spiritual Journey”. Journeys in my mind are about trips to places, the notion of going somewhere with a start and a finish. Journeys have a start place and a finish place whether it is to a big city or vacation. Journeys are expeditions and excursions that creates memories and it is these memories that can come back to life in a tangible form. I have a thought that I am able to suspend time for a period of time and capture the land and sky from memories of the recent past.

So what is a spiritual journey? I like to think that my art is a visual marker, the explanation of the unexplainable. Creating images to depict an invisible God have been a theme for decades now. This new body of work remembers distant memories of exploration of remote areas of Mexico, especially the Baja peninsula. Water is such an important element of my work- as is light. Light is life and in each piece, light plays an important role. The mystery of the elements are portrayed in each piece.

The Gorge Lights LonghornWaterweb 9-8 The StormWEB9-8 Veiled LightsWEBFB8-7-14 The Gorge Finals The Gorge for WEB

A New Light

People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. Elisabeth Kubler Ross

So much of my artwork relies on internal lighting. Many times I conceal LED lighting sources and use this light to illuminate  the transluscent layers of resin- it reveals a whole new world, not seen unless light penetrates it. Some of the pieces use light as the subject, even though the artwork is what we see first.

Water is an element that I am drawn to. The blue area is actually created with phosphorescent powders mixed with resin.
Water is an element that I am drawn to. The blue area is actually created with phosphorescent powders mixed with resin.

“Cape Redemption in the Land of Eternity” Wood-Resin-Steel-Light

Summer is still in full force and I am continuing creating small pieces-maquettes  for larger works that I imagine creating this fall. Mixed media  works that continue the themes of restoration and healing.I continue  to work with wood and resin as the primary media. Casting horizontal layers into a depression of this piece of wood and imagining vast skyscapes or seascapes. The cracks of the wood are filled with translucent layers of resin, I feel like I am providing living water that once brought life to the tree, and rebirthing what once was dead. Its my spiritual journey of knowing and resting in knowing what provides me life and purpose. 

Crafted steel stands elevate the small pieces (11″ x 7″ x 2″ ) and I liken them to signs along a journey. I imagine the passing of time and the eons of of ages, ancient lands. Many times I have pondered how an location, a remote area looked like hundreds and thousands of years ago. In the land of eternity, time is not measured.

I have added Aqua phosphorescent powders mixed with the resin casts in certain areas. Areas of the pieces are “energized” by light and interrupt the darkness. 


A Land of Eternity