Storm Journeys

I am  so influenced by my physical environment.  I spent 1/2 my life around the ocean and half in the desert. I continue to create pieces and images of the land and the sea  and where the heavens meet the earth that I call  skyscapes.

Light is an essential element of my work and my new series is best viewed with light in the background especially capturing light through a window and allowing it to permeate the multi layer effect. Light is a key element,  I’m often refining the surface of each cast resin piece to best capture light permeating the resin.

My latest elaboration on this theme is created by adding phosphorescent powders to my resin compounds which produces an internal light that emanates from the cast layers of phosphorescence. The source of light is created in a forbidden energy source.  More on

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Stewards of the mysteries of God

Stewards of the Lands
Steward of the Land


I have been meditating on the meaning of “servants and stewards of the mysteries of God” from my reading of  1 Cor 4:1. First of all, what are the mysteries? Seems like every religion has some esoteric knowledge to contemplate or to follow. You achieve one level of understanding to go to the next level, sometimes even a pay to play scenario. And then to whom does this mystery pertain? Where do you search? The writer then mandates it as “a sacred duty”. How do I live my life to fulfill the mandate? Is my art a fulfillment of the mandate? If not, why?

More questions than answers at this point, but what an intriguing idea to contemplate, especially in creating and articulating my worldview as an artist. My latest work on my website. and your comments are welcome.

“Cape Redemption in the Land of Eternity” Wood-Resin-Steel-Light

Summer is still in full force and I am continuing creating small pieces-maquettes  for larger works that I imagine creating this fall. Mixed media  works that continue the themes of restoration and healing.I continue  to work with wood and resin as the primary media. Casting horizontal layers into a depression of this piece of wood and imagining vast skyscapes or seascapes. The cracks of the wood are filled with translucent layers of resin, I feel like I am providing living water that once brought life to the tree, and rebirthing what once was dead. Its my spiritual journey of knowing and resting in knowing what provides me life and purpose. 

Crafted steel stands elevate the small pieces (11″ x 7″ x 2″ ) and I liken them to signs along a journey. I imagine the passing of time and the eons of of ages, ancient lands. Many times I have pondered how an location, a remote area looked like hundreds and thousands of years ago. In the land of eternity, time is not measured.

I have added Aqua phosphorescent powders mixed with the resin casts in certain areas. Areas of the pieces are “energized” by light and interrupt the darkness.

A Land of Eternity