The Remembering PlaceTwo types of light pry open the darkness: a light created by photoluminescence shines in stark contrast to LED lights penetrating the layers of resin casts. Two lights playing different roles compete for our attention.

Layers of color: sky blue-micropearl white and grean pearlescent pigments are cast with phosphorescent green and blue powders. The lights fight for an interchange of energy and dominance. Weathered wood contrasts with the liquid surface of the resin casts while a high gloss lacquer on a blue/black and rust patina steel, provides a surface that casts strong shadows.

The act of remembering evokes many emotions and I hope that my pieces can contribute to memories of peace, acceptance, healing and solace. There are past hurts that cannot be forgotten but can be healed. There are loving memories of early adventures and relationships. Memories are shaped in positive and negative ways, by our interpretations.

God is love and meditating on love is meditating on God.

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